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Mon, Aug. 28th, 2006, 06:42 pm

I just ate SO MUCH Chinese food that I feel like Peter in that episode of Family Guy when he eats all the dehydrated food after the "end of the world" and then drinks a glass of water and B L O W S U P to a giant Peter-balloon. It was goooood.

I'm so angry about these online classes I'm taking this semester...They're a SHAM!!! A DAMN SHAM I TELLS YA! I'm sorry, I'm all for higher education, and certainly for it being available to everyone, but these online classes with their stupid little web reports and their lame little "open book quizzes" are just L O W E R I N G THE S T A N D A R D S!!!! Can't anyone see that?! College is SUPPOSED TO BE CHALLENGING!! Not like middle school social studies were you read the chapter, do the review, take the quiz. You are SUPPOSED to flex the grey matter between your ears, find reams of information and sift through it, articulating your soul's perception and opinions...challenge your own reality, examine your ideals and identify your weaknesses....Not this Mickey Mouse bullpoop "Let us hold your hand and walk the widdwe toddler down the path of super-simple degree" because THAT is what keeps people like the average American citizen IGNORANT of critical thinking and electing FUCKTARDS LIKE BUSH FOR ANOTHER TERM!!!! We are doing ourselves a great injustice by lowering the standards, making it easier to "slide by" and for people to get degrees without really having to think!!!! I don't want to be competing with some stupid bastard for a job when said stupid bastard shouldn't have made it through school AT ALL....I don't want to be cared for by IDIOTS when I'm sick and in the hospital or getting my taxes done....Any yahoo with a degree can do either of those jobs...and degrees are getting EASIER TO COME BY WITH THIS BS ONLINE CIRCUS THEY CALL "education." I have to go break something.